Connecting People, Planes & Public Policy

The Association of California Airports or ACA represents both publicly- and privately-owned airports in the state of California and organizations and individuals working to foster, promote, and develop the air transportation system.

ACA is devoted to drawing membership from all airports in the state and taking advantage of all human resources available from those airports. Therefore membership is not restricted to full time airport management personnel. Membership is open to all levels and degrees of airport management such as city managers, public works directors, Airport Land Use Commission members and owners of private airports.

ACA will represent these persons and all others involved with airports on issues that are of statewide importance. ACA is also unique in that we actively seek the participation of the airport-related industry in determining issues that need to be addressed for the betterment of all airports, large and small and the individuals and companies that rely on them. Airport consultants, engineering firms and airport-based businesses are regarded as an essential part of this association. This broad based, “partners in aviation” approach makes ACA’s position stronger when dealing with important industry issues.

By-Laws (updated 5/8/2019)
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