ACA's goal is to Educate, Advocate, and Assist the aviation community.  Here are some of the activities and benefits ACA provides on behalf of its membership.
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ACA sponsors and supports California State Legislation to develop, enhance, and safeguard our airports.
Through its website and list server, ACA members can keep in touch and connected to other member airports; this keeps up-to-date issues in front of our airports and provides valuable information on a regular basis.
ACA hosts an annual conference, providing a wide range of information in an interactive forum that allows  all attendees to participate.  The conference is affordable and conducted in a manner that brings together the diverse membership of ACA.
Aerospace & Aviation Days is an annual event that is presented by ACA, along with its aviation partner community.  The purpose of the event is to remind legislators about the benefits of having an airport in their districts.  It is also an avenue  to get issues in front of the legislature.
Each Board of Director represents an area in California (or District).  The Responsibility Map is broken into Nine (9) Districts related to the Nine (9) Districts represented by the ACA Board of Directors.  The Listing by airport name shows which District the Airport is located in.  The Board of Directors page indicates which District each Board member represents.
Committees assist the Board in making decisions relative to the topic of the committee.  If you would like to serve on a committee, just contact any Board member.  The ACA Standing & Special Committees are:
  • Nominating Committee - responsible for providing names for the officers and members of the Board of Directors (Scott Malta, Past President, Chair)
  • Membership Committee - responsible for recruiting, screening, and categorizing new members.  (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Legislative Committee - reponsible for providing details of pending state and federal legislation.  The Chair makes recommendations on actions by the Board concerning any particular piece of legislation that it should adopt a position and/or provide a letter of support (Melissa McCaffrey, Chair)
  • Corporate Committee - responsible for  addressing the goals, concerns, and needs of the Corporate membership.
  • Budget Committee - responsible for preparing the annual budget based on projected revenues and expenditures and periodically monitoring income and expenses (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Emerging Technologies - responsible for tracking the development of new aviation technology and practices and advising the Board on potential impacts on practices, developments, and operations of airports.  Examples are, but not limited to, Unmanned Aerial Systems, small point-to-point air transportation systems, spaceport development, and advanced communications.   (Andy Swanson, Chair; Gill Wright, Member)
  • Conference Committee - responsible for coordinating the annual conference; make recommendations to the Board on conference sessions and sets the conference agenda.  (Cory Hazlewood, Chair; Gary Gosliga, Board Member)

ACA has partnered with Lands' End Business Outfitters to provide ACA members the ability to purchase clothing with the ACA Logo.  Please use the link below to check out the catelog.  You can order anything you desire.  During the order process, you will be given the option to add the ACA logo.

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