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Membership:  $75 per person (7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020)
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GENERAL membership shall be open to persons exercising active responsibility for the management, general supervision or administration of a California Airport, and who is engaged in such activity as part of their employment or ownership. A General member may retain this designation through the end of the year for which he or she has paid dues even though he or she discontinued working at the job that qualified them for the General membership status.
ASSOCIATE membership shall be open to any person that is interested in and subscribes to the purpose of the Association of California Airports.  The Associate Director will represent the Associate members at the Board of Directorsí meeting.
CORPORATE membership shall be open to both for profit and non-profit corporations who are engaged in activities relating to the use and promotion of airports, aviation or products that are used in airport and aviation activities.
STUDENT membership shall be open to any individuals who are engaged in the study of airport development, administration, management, or operation or in any related field of aviation (except those representing a school), or a full-time student as defined by the institution in which they are enrolled.
HONORARY membership shall be conferred by action of the membership of ACA at large, to those individuals specifically recognized for their outstanding dedication and achievement in the field of airport development, management, operations or any related field of aviation. The Board of Directors must approve nominations prior to action by the membership.