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. The Association of California Airports or ACA represents both publicly- and privately-owned airports in the state of California and organizations and individuals working to foster, promote, and develop the air transportation system through the dissemination of aeronautical information, the consideration of solutions of various airport and aviation problems, and the fostering of public recognition of airports and the airport management profession.
Next Conference:
September 16-18, 2020

California Aerospace & Aviation Days
(early 2020)
California is Home to
673 State-Permitted
Aviation Facilities
and 22 Military Airfields

ACA is devoted to building a diverse membership that incldes all airports in the State, taking advantages of the expertise and human resources availabe from participating airports.  Membership is not restricted to full time airport management personnel.  It is open to all City Managers, Public Works Directors, Airport Land Use Commission members, and owners of private airports.  Learn more.
ACA hosts an annual conference, providing a wide range of information in an interactive forum that allows all attendees to participate.  The conference is affordable and conducted in a manner that brings together the diverse membership of ACA and others with an interest in aviation issues.  The conference provides an excellent venue to promote the bettermet of the California Aviation Transportation System through the cooperative efforts of all participants.  Learn more.
California Aviation Day was first introduced in 2013 to provide an instrumental opportunity for users of the industry to inform legislators, staff, and the general public about the importance of aviation to the welfare of the state. The activities and services supported by aviation are critical to transportation, trade, commerce, emergency and medical services.  The goal is to increase the visibility of aviation to legislators and communities across California and to raise awareness of the impact it has to our everyday lives. Industry partnership and legislative support has led to the continued success of California Aviation Day at the Capitol.  In 2017, California Aviation Day was expaned to include the aerospace industry and the event name was updated as "California Aerospace and Aviation Days."  Learn more.
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